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Rickshaw Bangladesh is the premier Exporter and distributor of colorful rickshaws from Bangladesh to the International Market worldwide. We build high quality colorful rickshaws which perfectly assembled by our trained engineers in the workshop and the artwork is done by rickshaw artists.

We, Rickshaw Bangladesh have been doing Export business from last 6 years with buyer satisfaction and the Commitment. We export various kinds of colorful rickshaws to USA, Germany, Denmark, England, Sweden, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

We strongly believe in your business is going to save your time and cost with the most efficient way to get your desired handcrafted Rickshaws. Our mission is to provide your desired design of rickshaw at the most discounted rates that you have ever expected. Our business development office is located at Los Angeles, CA, USA and shipment office located in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Our Mission

Our mission is to distribute Bangladeshi arts and handicrafts worldwide to achieve global recognition. Most of the rickshaw artwork of Bangladesh is done by illiterate rickshaw artists. They have learned these artwork from their master from boyhood. Nowadays the rickshaw art and artist are in 'struggle of existence'. The third and forth generations artists are not interested to this art, do not feel pride because of low income of dollar two to three a day and recognition.

Rickshaw Bangladesh is coming ahead to distribute these masterpieces in to the international market and achieve global recognition and get them a good amount of payment.